Living Under The Sun All Year Round Tax Advantages

You are a business consultant, you are an individual Forex trader, you are self employed or you are businessman and you can work remotely?
You have a monthly income of €2500 or more? Work in Mauritius, live under the sun all year round and benefit from considerable tax advantages.

We will setup an individual business for you and we will apply for your residence and work permit in Mauritius as a self-employed. If you are a business consultant or service provider working on your own, you can charge your customers from Maurice and if you are self-employed, then instead of paying yourself a full manager’s benefit and being taxed in France, you may pay yourself a benefit below the taxable threshold in France and for the rest, you bill your company for management services carried out, you will then be taxed on income (revenue less expenses) at the end of fiscal year (June 30).
•100% legal and transparent

•FREE OF CHARGE as our fees are automatically converted into a tax credit for the same amount and are deducted from the future tax payable in Mauritius

•The guarantee that we take full responsibility if our customers have any penalty or additional tax payable resulting from our wrongful calculations and/or advice if the customer has followed all our advices and paid the taxes we have calculated. This guarantee takes effect once a contract is signed between OSC and its customers and the related fees paid subsequently

•100% legal and transparent

•The authorized expenses can be recorded retroactively giving a tax credit on future tax payments in addition to the tax credit linked to our fees

•Low Tax rate, 15%

•Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties linking Mauritius with France, UK, South Africa

•Mauritian laws do not fix a maximum turnover for a self-employed.

•Possibility of having savings bank accounts in GBP, EUR and USD with a free visa debit card linked to the bank account

•Mauritian Law allows to take into consideration expenses which other countries do not allow for the Tax calculation like insurances etc.…
as shown in the following example:


Turnover for 1 year : £ 50 000

Expenses for 1 year :
Direct expenses (Transport, etc…)
Insurances (accident, medical, vehicle, home, life etc…)
Private pension plans
Personal Rent
Domestic bills for Electricity, water, gas
Telephone bills (land lines, Internet and mobile)
Leasing for vehicles and cars (Full Rent)
Air tickets + Hotel bills (even for holidays including for the self-employed family if he pays for it)
Other expenses, (restaurants etc…)
Overseas expenses (100%)
Bank charges
Accounting and advises etc…
Personal Home Loan (full monthly instalments)

Total expenses for one year: £ 45 000 – Profit (Turnover less expenses): £ 5 000
Tax 15%: £ 750 instead of £13,532.80 in UK

Our Fees
Setting up of the business :
This includes :

•  Setting up of the Individual Business

•  Opening of your personal bank account

•  Set-up, application and follow up for the approval and receipt of your residence and work permits (Occupation permit) with the Mauritian authorities, for you and one dependent

•  Charges for the “occupation permit” for a period of 3 years

•  Introduction to real estate professionals your housing accommodation according to your criteria

A complete management of the company of EU type :
This includes :

• The Individual Business’s monthly accounting.

• A fully furnished office (co-working) in Port Louis including, internet, coffee, administrative support, email management and incoming calls, telephone and receptionist with 10 days use per month and unlimited access to Regus business lounges worldwide.

• Tax returns

• Archiving of all documents of the company

• Accountants Liability

The rate of VAT in force is 15%.
It is applicable if paid in Mauritius only.
VAT is exempted if our fees are paid by bank transfer from abroad.