Our slogan : Your Taxes, Our Business.

Our dynamic company was founded by Mauritians.
We put our expertise at the service of the Mauritians and Residents,
as well as any non-residents wishing to invest and invest in Mauritius.

Why Mauritius ?

A small island in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is ideally located between Africa, Asia and Europe. Historically close to both France and the United Kingdom, these two languages are commonly spoken by the vast majority of the population.

On the economic front, all the international rankings say Maurice as being the number one of the African continent country in financial circles and business
The country has been advantageously modernized in recent years and continues to grow rapidly offering more services and infrastructure to foreign investors.

The African continent is changing. Mauritius, by its stable political climate, its legal and secured financial platforms, its diverse economy that promotes several areas such as information technology, eco-tourism, telecommunications or finance, is The country to follow !

We remind that Maurice is not a tax haven where you can hide your money and evade tax payments. Maurice acts in all transparency with other countries while offering a really advantageous taxation to businesses and persons on its territory.